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Ensuring Impact

In order to ensure impact of Learning Stations, HiWEL provides a host of services like the initial preparation for installation of Learning Stations, spreading awareness in the community, evaluating the effectiveness of learning stations on the target audience, and finally providing targeted interventions to improve the quality of learning.

HiWEL service offerings can be divided into three broad categories. These include:

1. Learning Services -The major thrust of Learning Services is educating the local community about the possibilities that a learning station represents. It has been found that the Learning station’s impact is much more if the community understands the potential of the learning station resulting in buy-in from the local community. HiWEL also provides need based interventions based on the results of periodic monitoring that HiWEL conducts. These interventions are customized to the specific needs of the local community and are hence that much more effective.

2. Monitoring and Evaluation - Monitoring and Evaluation form the core of HiWEL’s service offerings. Monitoring is done on a continuous basis both onsite as well as using a proprietary Remote Monitoring System (RMS). Evaluation is done using a battery of tests which measure various aspects of a child’s development. These tests are devised by a team of experts and have been validated through rigorous research.

HiWEL has thus devised a comprehensive monitoring mechanism which clearly brings out the impact of Learning Station on children in a particular community and can point to corrective actions, if any, which need to be taken to derive more value from the learning station.

3. Maintenance - HiWEL also understands the importance of maintenance and support for the overall effectiveness of the entire solution. As part of the overall solution, HiWEL provides effective support services to ensure that the Learning Station does not lie idle for lack of proper maintenance.

For details about these services, Please contact us.

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