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Technological Innovations

HiWEL’s mission is to make the Learning Stations accessible in even the remotest locations. Towards this end, the Learning Station has been especially designed with tough outdoor conditions in mind. The HiWEL team has come up with several patented innovations to ensure that a standard computer can be used in such a setting. Till date, the Learning Stations have been successfully deployed in many areas with extreme weather conditions like Leh (Ladakh region in India) and Jaisalmer (state of Rajasthan in India).

Specially designed rugged pointing device for outdoor use.
Outdoor Proofing – The Learning Station has a rugged design, so that it can be deployed in tough outdoor conditions. It therefore uses a modular enclosure and special panels that enable mass-market desk tops to be used in outdoor settings with extreme weather conditions.

Tamper Proofing –The Learning Stations are designed to be tamper proof using specially designed frames and materials to protect the system and peripherals from damage and pilferage.

Unsupervised Use -To be able to function in unsupervised setting, the Learning Stations are made sturdy with effective fault tolerance systems for software and protective covers for hardware, so as to reduce downtime.

Remote Data Capture and analysis-The Learning Station can be remotely monitored using a proprietary Remote Monitoring System (RMS) which makes day-to-day tracking of Learning Station very easy.

Power Management System- HiWEL has come up with a proprietary Power Management System (Auto.P.Sy™) in order to reduce maintenance costs.

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